What is floorball?

Floorball? What is it?

Floorball is a fast and dynamic sport, which you play with a floorballstick. The stick looks like an ice hockey stick, but it is light weighted and could be used in a sporthall. During the game you are allowed to play with both sides of your stick. So, floorball games take place in a sporthall and the game just keeps going on because of the so called floorball-boarding. The sports has got simple rules, and is easy to learn.

Floorball originates from the north of Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway).  NEFUB, the Dutch floorball association has got over a thousand members assigned.

If you would like to see how the game is played yourself; watch this video:

Try Floorball?

Would you like to try floorball (for free)? Come, and join us on a scheduled Monday or Thursday training. Every Monday we play games (all the training) from 17.30 until 19.00, and every Thursday we train from 18.30 until 20.00.

All you need to bring is your shoes, and sporting clothes. We will take care of everything else (floorballstick etc.).

Are you interested in taking part in a training or would you like to have some additional information? Contact us by sending an e-mail to bestuur@jungle-speed.nl .

Try Floorball? Send us a message!

Bron: NeFUB, www.nefub.nl