Playing floorball is super cool, but there are many more fun activities you can do with floorball players! The ActCie is the activities committee of Jungle-speed. The ActCie organises fun activities outside the boarding. For example, they organize the game nights, Sinterklaas evening, the New Year’s party and team excursions.



The promotion committee ensures that Jungle-Speed always gets nice new members who can strengthen the club. From a simple beautiful poster to a mega fun promotion, these people can do it all.



The events committee organises the coolest events, such as the big ISSTT (a large scale small field unihockey tournament in Enschede), a weekend away with the club, a friends tournament, a Christmas tournament and a floorball weekend in the Swiss mountains!



The trainer committee provides the training courses throughout the year. They ensure that the training courses run smoothly and that a nice upward trend is maintained throughout the year.


The referees’ committee is responsible for the proper conduct of play during matches and the training of novice referees within the club. The referee’s committee offers courses and helps members to learn how to whistle.


The ski committee ensures that the members can ski or snowboard off the slopes in addition to floorball. They ensure a fantastic winter sports holiday with a cosy group of Jungle-Speeders!