What is floorball?

Floorball? What is it?

Floorball is a fast and dynamic sport, which you play with a floorballstick. The stick looks like an ice hockey stick, but it is light weighted and could be used in a sporthall. During the game you are allowed to play with both sides of your stick. So, floorball games take place in a sporthall and the game just keeps going on because of the so called floorball-boarding. The sports has got simple rules, and is easy to learn.

Floorball originates from the north of Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway).  NEFUB, the Dutch floorball association has got over a thousand members assigned.

If you would like to see how the game is played yourself; watch this video:

4 players, mixed
A floorball mixed small field team, the variant that Jungle-Speed plays, consists of four field players: two women and two men. There is no fixed goalkeeper. A team usually has a large supply of reserve players, who are allowed to switch continuously.

Floorball = fast
As already mentioned, floorball is a fast sport. The light plastic hole ball crosses the pitch at lightning speed. The best players shoot faster than 150 km/h.

Thanks to the boarding and the simple rules there are few interruptions. So a game of floorball is a great way to have a good time. Fortunately, a team has a lot of substitutes. Each time you are in the field for about 1-2 minutes before you change again.

Floorball = safe
The plastic sticks, the light plastic ‘holes’ ball and the absence of the body check make floorball a safe sport.

It is not allowed to swing the stick above the hip. Players are therefore not likely to be hit by the stick. The light plastic ball is also not really dangerous. In short: serious injuries are virtually non-existent!

Floorball = unihockey?
Floorball and unihockey are the same sport. Unihockey is the name often used in the past. Nowadays the name unihockey is mainly used in Germany and Switzerland. In the Netherlands we speak of Floorball.

Floorball has several variants:
Large field: A team consists of five men or ladies and a goalkeeper. The field is the same size as an indoor football field.
Small pitch with goalkeeper (also called ‘Swiss’ or uni-hockey): A team consists of three men or ladies and a goalkeeper. A field is about half the size, the rules are almost the same as a large field.
Small field without goalkeeper: A team consists of four field players: (woman and men mixed), without a goalkeeper. The field is about half the size and the rules are slightly different. We also play the latter variant at Jungle-Speed, but we mainly play large field. How often we play which variant during training depends on the needs of the members and the organisational possibilities.

Try Floorball?

Would you like to try floorball (for free)? Come, and join us on a scheduled Monday or Thursday training. See the training times under the heading Training and Competition.

All you need to bring is your shoes, and sporting clothes. We will take care of everything else (floorballstick etc.).

Are you interested in taking part in a training or would you like to have some additional information? Contact us by sending an e-mail to bestuur@jungle-speed.nl .

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Bron: NeFUB, www.nefub.nl