Become a member

By becoming a member of U.S.F.V. Jungle-Speed you can train twice a week and you can participate in the floorball mixed and/or big field competition organised by the NeFUB. In addition, you can participate in all activities that are organised in addition to floorball.


Members must purchase an Olympas themselves (at their own expense) from the Olympos sports centre. This pass is obligatory for all students who want to play sports at Olympos and costs €140,- for one year. When purchasing this sports card, you must indicate that it is a registration with USFV Jungle-Speed. This pass gives category A students a lot of advantages, apart from playing floorball, you can take unlimited sports/fitness/group lessons throughout the season and rent fields for free. For more information about the olympas we refer you to the site of Olympos.

USFV Jungle-Speed Membership

The contribution for the 2020-2021 season is set at the following amounts (these do not include Olympas):

– Standard membership = 10 euro

– A whole year of training once a week= 25 euro

– A whole year of training twice a week = 40 euro

– Large field competition = approx. 100 euro

– Small field competition = 30 euro per half year

You can register by sending an e-mail to
It is also possible to fill in the registration form at a training course. After registration you will be included in our membership file.

Read more about training and competition
A complete overview of all contribution amounts can be viewed at this link