Jungle-Speed is

  • Team sports
  • Training and (optional) competition
  • Tournaments
  • Small-scale
  • A close group of friends
  • Fun and activities
  • Monthly drinks



Our sport association

Jungle-speed is more than just a sport association. It’s a mixture between sport , activities and other sociability’s. For example, every month we go out for a drink at Café Marktzicht.

The activity committee regularly organizes awesome activities. For example, last year we went out to go bowling. There was also a so called ‘disco bingo’ and the ladies- and men- evening.

Jungle-speed has got four teams who take part in the floorball ‘small-field, mixed competition’.

Small-field competition is held six times a year and always takes place on Sundays. When you join Jungle-speed it is possible to sign up for small field competition. In small field competition you play 4 ( 2 men, 2 women) against 4, there is no goal-keeper.

There is also the option to join the big field competition. Big-field competition is held 22 times a year, on Saterdays. Big-field competition is not mixed (men and women play separately). In big field completion you play 6 against 6 (including a goalie).



According to our Members …

Goede combinatie tussen gezelligheid en lekker sportief bezig zijn!...
Het leuke aan Jungle-Speed vind ik de enthousiaste mensen. Ik ben nog nergens zo’n groep vrolijke mensen tegen gekomen. Jungle-Speed is laagdrempelig, sportief en leuk....